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14 Skiff Street, SOUTHPORT QLD 4215

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Record ID: 4791159

Property Info

Beds: -Baths: -Car Spaces: -
Local Government:3430 GOLD COAST CITY
Issuing Area:3430/01 GOLD COAST CITY (GOLD COAST)
Land Size:607 sqm

Unimproved Land Value

Unimproved Value:$410,000
Secondary Land Use:NONE

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Our Guesstimate:
$511,100 to $651,100
Date Generated: 04/12/2014

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Estimated property depreciation

Year 1 Min $5,486 - Max $14,202

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REX Property Analysis

Sales Price Growth Summary: SOUTHPORT QLD 4215

Date Range Min Sale Max Sale Average Sale Median Sale Property Price Index No. of Sales
Jan-Mar 2012$155,000$1,500,000$380,221$355,000$282,483194
Apr-Jun 2012$100,000$3,000,000$425,829$336,000$306,815171
Jul-Sep 2012$94,500$9,500,000$404,125$318,000$308,078247
Oct-Dec 2012$50,000$3,000,000$398,588$345,000$283,282218
Jan-Mar 2013$75,000$5,250,000$454,106$360,000$288,128254
Apr-Jun 2013$110,000$3,790,000$406,370$355,000$292,384260
Jul-Sep 2013$108,500$1,280,000$387,105$359,900$294,418286
Oct-Dec 2013$5,600$4,200,000$422,016$357,500$313,492330
Jan-Mar 2014$120,000$1,430,000$413,989$375,000$318,408301
Apr-Jun 2014$138,000$1,450,000$411,263$374,000$338,650253
Jul-Sep 2014$116,000$1,650,000$394,114$355,000$318,174297
Oct-Dec 2014$132,000$3,850,000$446,646$380,000$331,048295
Jan-Mar 2015$95,000$875,000$363,573--82

Note: Property Price Index figures based in 1994 on Sales Data available in the postcode 4215.

REX median graph for SOUTHPORT, QLD 4215

Sales Volumes per Year in SOUTHPORT QLD 4215


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